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Russia’s team coach mocks Trump’s Soccer ball contain’ Transmitter Chip issue

Russian Football team coach, Stanislav Cherchesov, mocks over US concerns that the FIFA World Cup 2018 ball given by Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump has a Transmitter Chip.

Cherchesov and the Russian team meet the President Putin in Kremlin on Saturday 29 July for a ceremony showing reverence of their performances at the 2018 World Cup, where they reached the quarter-finals.

The Russian national team gave Putin a specially made ball and a soccer uniform that was signed by all players.

Cherchesov joked after the ceremony that there was no tapper in the ball given to Putin. He taunted the satire to ridicule claims in the US that the ball given by the Russian leader to President Trump in Helsinki in early July had been tapped.

“We gave Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) a specially made ball, with our photographs and autographs, the ball was not tapped,” Cherchesov joked.

The Russian coach made a “spy joke” that some US officials feared after Putin gave Trump to his World Cup peers at their summit in the Finnish capital.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, is one of those who suspect the ball is tapped. He wrote on Twitter, “I’d check the soccer ball for listening devices and never allow it in the White House.”

From Lindsey Graham Twitter

The world cup balls are generally installed with standard 4-centimeter chip device. Therefore, allowing the ball to connect with smartphones and share the game data to the user.

Newsweek reported that the ball produced by Adidas is planted with a small transmitter chip in the outer layer of the ball. The chip has the ability of to exchange between data two devices.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Official Ball - Telstar

FIFA World Cup 2018 Official Ball – Telstar


Adidas ball features

Adidas calls this Near Field Communication (NFC) Microchip. This chip allows mobile phones or tablets to send radio frequency signals interacting with NFC chips. Besides that the chip allows players to access information and matches online once connected. Adidas says NFC can not be modified and can only send information, but can not accept it.

The chip is placed under the logo on the ball. It is made by the Dutch technology company, Smartrac. NFCs can carry significantly more data, with more security and password protection.

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